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Friday, August 17, 2007

Confronting Israeli racism

From a presidential perspective, and with an

I was never particularly fond of Jacques Chirac, but it is difficult to ignore his personal courage & deep conviction for the respect & dignity of minorities. During an official visit to the state of Israel, and while visiting the old city of Jerusalem, he witnessed the brutality & violence of Israeli security forces towards the Arabs shop owners & bystanders who wanted to salute & shake hands with the French president. He could not hold his outrage & bursted in anger to the Israeli security official in charge of security detail. The next day during a visit to Gaza & Ramallah, he is received like a hero by the Palestinians, whom have descended in masse in the street to welcome him. Years later on a triumphal official visit to Algeria, he toured the Kasbah (an Algiers neighbourhood of very tough reputation) on foot with only few bodyguards and is acclaimed by the local population, who rushed to shake his hands & thank him for being "un homme juste avec les Arabes". The contrast with Prince George Bush the idiot, who needs at least 13,000 local policemen on top of his own security detail (of hundreds...) to completely sealed off an area of Bangkok where he is spending a couple of hours....







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