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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Either a liar or an incompetent, but certainly not the most agreable face of American policy

Condi "How Many Lies Can you Get Away With" Rice

An obscure French philosopher once wrote that, "le visage est le miroir de l'esprit", the face is the reflexion of the soul, in that effect by being an uterly ugly woman, Condi may also be an equally malicious & mean-minded individual. Just like her Middle eastern counterpart & Us ambassador to the UN, Khalilzad, Rice is the incarnation of fake, the impersonation of phony theatrics, the consecration of pretension & presentation over context, the twisted rational of appearance over substance. If you are an avid connaisseur of classical music, you'd know that her alleged & much consecrated "piano skill", is in reality the reflexion of an average understanding & ability at performing classical music, and if you are "verse" in political sciences, you should also be aware that her "expertise" is nothing but a shallow blanket for herself being the water carrier of a particular geopolitical agenda. One which believes in political mythology, prospers on lies & deceptions & builds its strategy on fear & distortions.
Just because you grow up to being functionally literate & able to string a couple of sentences together doesn't necessarily make you an intelligent person. Condi Rice,The National Security Advisor & so called foreign policy expert on Soviet Union, so much of a genius that she missed the Collapse of the USSR....what she is excellent at, is for the Bush infomercial, fearmongering Mouthpiece for the White House, pseudo sophisticated megaphone for Litany of Lies and Excuses for the administration failures. Just like Colin powell, her desire to be colorless is stronger than anything....but a toad is still a toad, and for the Republican purists out there, she is one piece in the collection of useful House Negroes.

In "The Confidante" the new biography of Condi Rice, by Glenn Kessler, The Washington Post diplomatic correspondent, we learn of some of Rice's non public dismissive Behavior & arrogant statements (something she was already famous for). Like when University's Prof. Coit Blacker, relates what happened when she went to buy jewelry and the saleswoman brought her cheap earrings from the display: "Let's get one thing straight," Rice told the sales clerk, "You're behind the counter because you have to work for the minimum wage. I'm on this side because I make considerably more." The store manager quickly brought her the expensive earrings.

Or you may recall more recently, while other less privileged members of her own community were drowning in the wild & murky waters of New Orleans, the spider Queen was busying herself on purchasing expensive shoes at New York's Feragamo, on that occasion an infuriated woman walked up to Rice & shouted, "are you not ashamed of yourself?, people in New Orleans are dying at this very moment, because of the criminal incompetence & indifference of the Bush administration, in which you are a senior official, and the best thing you can possibly think of doing, is shopping for expensive shoes....", the woman was quickly removed from the shop by Rice's security detail. A reader on a blog i won't name (because, while being a good writer, the guy who runs it, is an emotional thumb sucking potty mouthed twerp), brought up a very good list of questions from author Margie Burns to Condi Rice.

1. Dr. Rice, you were admitted to the University of Denver when you were still in high school, while your father was Assistant Director of Admissions at the university. Did you take the ACT or the SAT for admission, and did you meet all admissions requirements that the other incoming freshmen had to meet?

2. Dr. Rice, you have stated candidly in interviews that your first love was not political science but piano, and that you switched to Poli Sci halfway through college because it was a major you could finish in two years. When you were admitted to the rightwing graduate program in political science at Indiana, who paid your tuition there? When you returned to complete a doctorate in political science at U Denver, who paid your tuition there? When you were sent on an extensive trip to Eastern Europe, as a graduate student, how was the trip arranged and financed?

3. Dr. Rice, your biographies show that you were an intern at the Rand Corporation. Did Rand pick up any of the costs of your education? Was the internship a paid or unpaid? You subsequently became a board member at Rand; have you fully disclosed your financial support from Rand over the years?

4. How did the Hoover Institution at Stanford come to choose you as a Fellow, at $30,000 per year, back when full professors in political science made an average $34,000?

5. How was your transition from Hoover Fellow to tenure-track Stanford faculty arranged, and by whom? Did you continue to receive income from the Hoover Institute?

6. How was the publication of your dissertation as a book, by Princeton University Press, arranged?

7. Between the time of your start at Stanford and your promotion to tenure, did you publish any scholarly articles besides the dissertation?

8. When you served on the board of Chevron Oil, did you agree with company opposition to the sanctions against Saddam Hussein?

9. Do you currently receive any income or anything of material value from ChevronTexaco? Will you return to the Chevron board when you leave government?

10. Did you participate, directly or indirectly, in the oil policy decisions formulated in the early months of 2001 in the office of the Vice President? Were your colleagues at Chevron cognizant of plans for Iraq by the Vice President?

11. Thomas Stephenson, venture capitalist, donated $2 million to Stanford to provide an endowed chair for you. Have you received income from that interest while serving in government?

12. Have you ever disclosed or released publicly a full accounting of your financial interests, while in government?

13. Do you now receive or have you during your time in government received anything of material value from Rand, Chevron, other companies with which you have ties or companies connected to the Stephensons?.

Condi is notorious for her dedication at describing just what a wonderful thing the 'war on terrorism' is, how much Bush cares about "freedom and justice" and how great the prospect of spreading freedom and justice to the rest of the world, & a whole collection of similar fantasy tales....but that doesn't make it true.







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