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Monday, August 27, 2007

Eugenics somebody

Is it more criminal to let that old criminally insane senile live, or to hang him to the nearest lamppost.

The fascist Zionist ass clown Norman Podhoretz in his latest vicious discharge of verbal diarrhea, is publicly calling for the US to launch an offensive first strike attack on Iran. The psychopathic pig faced senile has apparently never heard of international laws, nor does he care. Podhoretz even brags of having personally asked president George Bush to bomb Iran. Asked about Bush 's reaction,Podohretz responded,: "he was very non-committal, but he didn't say no (laughts....)". How entertaining indeed, the very idea of nuking a country, and Iran in particular, This is the kind of humor you might expect from a gelatinous mass of vomit on legs, such as Podhoretz. In the face of such genocidal pornography, makes you wonder, if Adolph Hitler and Podoretz's father were not sharing the same condom. Norman, i just want to tear your ears off and shove em up your anus, so that you can hear me kick your ass, you worthless degenerated piece of human waste.

Can i also have my minute of insanity, and call for the assassination of someone like Podhoretz who is publicly advocating the extermination of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of peoples.







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