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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Foolish myths about Al Qaida in Mesopotamia

yes indeed, when one's own credibility becomes such an issue of embarrassment, looking like shit becomes the diversion

People often tell me, why do you care what Hitchens does, nobody cares about what this pathological lying gobbler says anyway...but i couldn't resist to comment, after reading the latest manifestation of gastro-intestinal infection from the Grand toad of contrarian journalism.
It is not that i care that much about what people had for lunch, prior to write an article, but in Hitchens case, and in its defense, i was wondering if the world really does look different when you look at it through the bottom of a whiskey bottle. Witnessing the desperate attempt from Washington pro-war blowhard Christopher Hitchens at making Zarqawi a part of the Saddam Hussein Iraqi geophysical landscape. The only problem is, and hitchens is oddly silent of this, that Zarqawi was indeed in Iraq, but in a region not under the control of Saddam Hussein, a northern part of Iraq controlled by a Kurdish faction which also served as a haven for yet another Kurdish Islamist terrorists group. Ansar al-Islam. Everybody is supposed to be aware of that....(and an area known as the no-flight zone).

"He was in Iraq before we were", writes Hitchens, next we will probably get another scoop from Hitchens, telling us that Zarqawi was so closed to Saddam Hussein, that they used to bang the same chicks, after all and according to Washington circus geopoliticians & intelligence experts, Zarqawi was Osama Bin Laden ambassador to Saddam Hussein. even suggesting that before the invasion, U.S. intelligence reported that Zarqawi had his leg amputated in a Baghdad hospital after being wounded fighting American forces in Afghanistan. This allegation was part of Secretary of State Colin Powell's presentation to the U.N, but later on, a senior U.S. official declared that the allegation had been called into question, Zarqawi was still believed to have received medical treatment in Baghdad, but for gonorrhea.... Islamo-Fascists and Queers share something in common, promiscuity. That's what makes them enemies of values Americans.

I wish i could get bored of writing about Hitchens, the Grand prophet of activist atheism, hammer of religion and great protector of the Kurds, the last rempart of freedom writing before the dark plague of Islamo-Fascism. The man who called Henry Kissinger a bloody war criminal , and Ronald Reagan an idiot, yet the same man who doesn't mind milking the fat & cumbersome penis of the American military industrial complex on one hand, and for ideological purposes, with the other one, servicing the absolute imbecile's inflatable testicles.







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