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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Queen size Senator

GOP toilet sex,Where the ooze meets the slime

Of course you are not Gay, you don't have to be one, to enjoy buggering or getting buggered by other men, all you have to do is being bisexual, those lucky sons of bitches who can play both sides of the coin. Of course homosexuality is not the issue, nobody should care about what ends up at the extremity of your penis, or if it is you, who ends up at the receiving end of someone's penis. What matters is your hypocrisy, you filthy lying sack of shit, because of your social & political stances on homosexuality, and because of your particular position & power within the political establishment of American society, you made the lives of millions of homosexuals, miserable. I hope this incident will make yours miserable as well.

A Gay friend of mine who died from aids in 1986, once told me, "once a fag, always a fag, nothing i can do about it, nothing i have to feel ashamed about. I was born as a Gay, lived as a Gay, and will die as one". And it is because of your visceral & intense hatred towards Gays, that i call you a fag Senator, for someone like yourself, this is the ultimate insult. The shame is not about the individual sexual gratification of getting "mounted", or "mounting" someone, it is the psychological inability to accept the gratification itself. Feeling ashamed for feeling good...I hope the rest of your life will taste like shit, Ass to mouth cock breathing Senator.







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