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Friday, August 3, 2007

Good morning Dr Goebbels

the banality of evil with a Middle Eastern

Because the U.S. Department of State have been lurking on this site, after i posted a first piece on Khalilzad, i decided to post a little extra, just for the fun of it (and for the fun of making fun of that wanna be diplomat stucked with an unfortunate accent...). Khalilzad is one puppy who doesn't have a sweat for the 600,000 dead Iraqis, and an extensive understanding of the corruption of language. When a Cspan caller asked the reason for the US for invading Iraq, and dethrone Saddam Hussein for his alleged crimes, but at the cost of greater crimes on the part of the US military, Khalilzad replied, "that the US was attacked on 9/11 before it invaded Iraq....". Really nice piece of geopolitical analysis Dr Goebbels, at least one turban-head who apparently has no difficulty for reading the best of German Nazi propaganda "dans le texte"......thank you Dr Goebbels.

"Political propaganda in principle is active and revolutionary. It is aimed at the broad masses. It speaks the language of the people because it wants to be understood by the people. Its task is the highest creative art of putting sometimes complicated events and facts in a way simple enough to be understood by the man on the street. Its foundation is that there is nothing the people cannot understand, but rather things must be put in a way that they can understand. It is a question of making it clear to him by using the proper approach, evidence, and language.

Propaganda is a means to an end. Its purpose is to lead the people to an understanding that will allow it to willingly and without internal resistance devote itself to the tasks and goals of a superior leadership. If propaganda is to succeed, it must know what it wants. It must keep a clear and firm goal in mind, and seek the appropriate means and methods to reach that goal. Propaganda as such is neither good nor evil. Its moral value is determined by the goals it seeks.

Propaganda must be creative. It is by no means a matter for the bureaucracy or official administration, but rather it is a matter of productive fantasy. The genuine propagandist must be a true artist. He must be a master of the popular soul, using it as an instrument to express the majesty of a genuine and unified political will. Propaganda can be pro or con. In neither case does it have to be negative. The only thing that is important is whether or not its words are true and genuine expressions of a people’s values. During its period of opposition, the National Socialist movement proved that criticism can be constructive, indeed, that in a time which the government is in the hands of destructive powers it may be the only constructive element...". Words from the great Master himself.







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