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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Richard Perle, Prince of toads

Can we toss him into a cage of dozen starving hyenas where he belongs

I came across this video-clip of Richard Perle in 1986, where as assistant secretary of defense, he was already doing what he does best, lying as much as possible while displaying amazing burst of self-righteous demagogy. Perle is one delusional lying sack of shit, who loves to prattle about democracy & American values, while promoting & polishing the most hysterical guides to contemporary war mongering & genocidal scheming.

Perle is one of those grotesque monstrosities infecting the American political system, a dark figure lackey of Zionist lobbies and war profiteering corporations, an arch neo-con extremist political ideologue, who reigns over a little clique of complete lunatics, who call themselves Neo conservatives. Someone who relishes in accusing of anti-Semitism, those critical of his political objectivity & moral integrity, just like in 1970, while working for Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson, Richard Perle was caught by the FBI giving classified information to Israel......Well Richard you may certainly call me anti-Zionist, and i certainly won't feel offended by it, "bien au contraire".
Perle and his ilk, are infectious organisms, gangrenous tissues on the fabric of modern democracy, He & his asylum of murderous reptilian conspiracy theorists, must be relegated to an acid and gaseous septic tank, and submitted to excremental decomposition.

Perle and his circle of hate-filled certified failures are already responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of individuals, and apparently they have no intention of putting a stop to their exuberant celebration of death & destruction, what is the world waiting for ?, and where are those terrorists when we need them.....
Am i sinister ?, you bet...







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