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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Robert Baer, "See no evil" "Sleeping with the Devil"

Or the case of the CIA cowboy who secretly dreams of sleeping with the enemy

Thanks to the overwhelming power of intellectual dishonesty of Prolific author of "See no evil" and "Sleeping with the Devil", Robert Baer, exuberance of questionable reasoning, overwhelms unbridled hyperbole. Robert Baer has become a notorious public figure, he is the former CIA agent who became unbridledly vocal and critical of the CIA and its Middle Eastern geopolitics, after being drawn into a situation in which he was forced to resign from the Central Intelligence Agency in 1997......It's like men don't know their own self-interest.

Reading Baer's book was an amazing exercise of intellectual confusion, obviously Bauer enjoyed his career as a CIA operative until he lost his job.....then he became atonable to the truth. Bauer is a man of fuzzy rhetoric's & of questionable memory, he mentioned Ahmed Chalabi frequently while being miraculously silent on the criminal nature of the Pentagon & white house's favorite disinformation Tongue-in-cheek. In the same context of mental confusion, everytime the papier mache version of a secret agent appears on a TV studio, the exposure to his disingenuous cherry picking & inconsistencies, reminds us that intellectual confusion & deceptive acrimony is the last refuge for former covert operation sweet hearts.

Still i was surprised, when i saw Baer on The Doha debates, supporting the idea that "only another dictator can end the violence in Iraq", yet turning the disastrous American invasion into the greatest pseudo-justification of his unjustifiable position, while having been himself the arm of Washington & Langley politics of removal & destabilization of Saddam Husein, for decades.







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