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Saturday, March 29, 2008

The glorification of intellectual leprosy

Prepare for the pseudo intellectual carpet bagging soundbite of the week

The science of urinating on the truth always provides an entertaining sight, and watching Condi Rice never disappoints. Rice is the notorious esoteric Grand priestess of distortion & a similar exotic water carrier for foreign affairs goofiness, A renowned doctor in mythological gynecology. Ugliness may indeed explains a lot, Condi Rice is a malicious & mean-minded pseudo intellectual airbag, who's arrogance is only equals by her incompetence at everything she does. Each and every speech that she gives publicly, is significant & remarkable by its shallowness. Rice is a person who obviously succeeded to memorize much of what she was supposed to learn, without actually really understanding anything. she is the incarnation of fake, the impersonation of phony theatrics, the consecration of pretension & presentation over content, the pitiful rational of appearance over substance. Her so called "expertise" is nothing but a shallow blanket for her dismissive behavior at being someone who grew up to become functionally literate & capable of reciting a couple of sentences. But this doesn't necessarily make her an intelligent person. What she actually excels at, is being a fear mongering mouthpiece for the White House, a pseudo sophisticated megaphone for the most simplistic political propaganda, a bitter and crude reflexion of an establishment of institutionalized failures who occupy the highest level of government. She is in fact a petty discolored bureaucratic soubrette who sold her soul, to an ideological microcosm whose socio-geopolitical agenda is solely based on historical revisionism, rhetorical illusionism, strategic wishful thinking and crystal gazing, and relies on a stratagem of lies, deceptions , lies & distortions. In terms of international diplomacy and foreign affairs, she may pretends to know much, but actually doesn't know shit, but who cares, it's all about presentation stupid.....Her desire & personal philosophy of "being colorless is stronger than anything", sometime leads her to astonishing declarations, "....descendants of slaves therefore did not get much of a head start..". Personally, i believe that there is much more than a "head start" Condi.....

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