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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Everything is quiet on the Middle Eastern front

The latest developments in the war against Islamo Fascism & Persian terrorism bullshit

Bush's prime butt boy in Baghdad general David Petraeus is coming up with the latest batch of official propaganda bullshit taking from an X files playbook. Speaking on the latest series of attacks upon the green zone and Americans forces, Petraeus declared the Iranians to be behind the attacks, very convenient..and very stupid. Would the Iranians be so stupid as to identify the origin of the rockets, Did they also indicate an expiration date. But since we are dealing with an absolute asshole who doesn't have the slightest problem at milking the Bush administration deceitful penis, truth has a very high probability of being the victim of these serial rapists, but thanks to American electoral process, since the democrats have the power of the purse, everything was almost on the verge of changing.

The decision to go to war

As for the human factor figuring into war planning, try retired Marine Lt. Gen. Michael DeLong's explanation of how he and Army Gen. Tommy Franks decided to endorse the bid by Rumsfeld and Cheney to convince Bush to order an invasion.

"Gen. Franks likes margaritas," DeLong said, "and I've got a margarita recipe -- of course, I'm a tequila connoisseur. And so we sat down and had some margaritas and tequila and walked through 'Is this the right thing to do for us, for the country? Can we look our troops in the eyes and say, 'You're going to die tomorrow and here's why?' And the answer was yes."

You have two uniformed emasculated men who never fired a single shoot in their entire life, deciding over the lives of hundreds of thousands of human beings, over margarita & tequila.
Who is going to volunteer to sodomize to death these two pukes in uniform.







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