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Saturday, March 8, 2008

What is bad? Everything that is born of stupidity

Obama's mantra, "yes we can..." sounds like a masturbation catchphrase for spotty teenagers

Meanwhile at Obam's campaign headquarters

Question for Barack Obama
Why is Afghanistan the 'Right War?
By Robin Blackburn

Yes you can !, that's an accomplishment Barack, i am confident you can as much as i do....I have no idea about your real religion but you seem like someone who has been on a masturbation deprivation for quite a long time. I would respectfully inform you Mr future president of the United States, that you are pissing against the wrong tree. You are quite a funny sniveling, always finding so comforting to piss over yourself, when talking about the victims of 9-11, while there is a 9-11 every month in Iraq (number of casualties), but there is no tears, not even a word to relate to the million Iraqis who died as the result of your fancy experimentation in democracy.
I guess you are one of those snake oil doctor whose intellectual exercise hits the limit of his argumentation expertise.
And yes you are damned too light to be a Black man, and you have no fucking experience whatsoever, because we the world, are getting pissed by having individuals who cannot find their own ass with both hands, pretending the right to lead this fucking world.







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