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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Carnivorous cow anthropopathism

Serial adulterer, divorce addicted, soft porn publisher, republican fraudster, tits fucker and scumbag extraordinaire Newt Gingrich, is either a necrophiliac or a man profoundly in love with a dead man. When you get around his website, what is remarkable is the intensity of the bone that Gingrich still has for Ronald Reagan. According to Newt, Reagan changed the world, but he also apparently changed Newt very own sexuality. Newt is a man of many pretensions but when it comes to Reagan, there is no need for superfluousness, and subterfuge is not even an option. Viagra is not on the menu. Under any other circumstances this chubby deceitful prick would be the subject of ridicule, but god & the republican party work in mysterious way, and under their hospices, being a lying, dishonorable, hypocritical slug does make you a political genius.
If you are willing to waste a large fraction of your mental bandwidth, take a look at Newt Homo-erotic manifesto towards a second grade actor with an IQ 3 degrees below dog shit, who built his virility through Hollywood studios, defended the world on idiotic movies and never saw any actions but in his own mind. Stupidity is contagious indeed.

But don't take Reagan away from Newt, it would be like abusing a 12 yr old over a candy bar....
Few hours later, and i am still fulminating over the idiocy of Newt article, and i sincerely hope his ISP doesn't bill him by the keystrokes.







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