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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The power of belief. No anal lube required

The national religious broacasters convention bath house. Nashville

An insane genocidal prick named George Bush, pretends having liberated 25 millions people from the clutch of barbarism in Iraq, in the process he massacred about a million and displaces from 3 to 4 millions of them. Good job little Fuhrer, i am confident there is an old European head of state that is certainly really proud of you.

The primate who occupies the white house and who recently defecated on the bodies of the New Orleans victims is now talking an opportunity to take a piss at Iran. I am not homosexual but i would volunteer to sodomize this scumbag, just for the pleasure of watching him bleed to death.
George Bush, the Devil is awaiting for you, he has big plan for you, the junior league of demons are going to play soccer with your head for eternity








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