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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Open letter to Thomas Friedman

The twit without the wit

I have trouble with your system of value little Tom, especially the appreciation process...."Good Value versus bad value", playing that old Manichean card again ?,, still running on Bush's mode. Like we are expected to getting used to be told everyday to enjoy getting sodomized even if we happen to hate it, or change our toothbrush for Uncle Joe's penis, because that is supposed to be good for our skin, kind of calorie & calcium thing..... Not a very deep fellow little Tom, at least between the ears, because when it comes to the rhetorical challenge of Mr Friedman, there is nothing but repugnant tracks of crass ignorance & hubris and a huge load of discredit with a majuscule. I believe you are the last person on this planet to be allowed to denounce the sloppiness of the media. you as one of the finest representant of America's crassiest journalism. Let me try to get something extremely clear, Mr New York Times Editor of my dream, and it relates to explain the cozy relations from Washington press corp to the politicians. They are like dogs & flees, they need each others.

Next time when you ask me to get fucked, put some creativity in it, i might enjoy it.







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