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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Commander in skirt

Who do want to answer a white house 3am phone call. A bloodthirsty old bitch in S and M Mistress apparel, or that Muslim loving Senatorial pussy from Illinois ?.

On the 5th anniversary of the United States unjustified attack upon Iraq, after the complete destruction of one of the most modern Middle Eastern society and the death of about a million of its citizens, Disingenuous broad & democratic party presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton provided us again with a remarkable demonstration of how willingly deceitful she really is. "we cannot win their civil war for them", declared the granny fruitcake during one of her public address.
"Civil war...", there was no such thing before you joined force and gave your vote for this insane presidential nitwit to start his murderous invasion, and well planned utter destruction of a country, he and his corporate cronies were drooling over for a while.

How do you want today's Iraqi meat cooked . rare ?.







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