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Monday, March 17, 2008

Yes we can!, the dream ticket

When disingenuous is not enough

Obama is dropping his pastor following the media hypocritical focus on Rev. Jeremiah Wright tough & roughy sermons. After few decades of regularly attending Wright's church, Obama through the media suddenly discovered & became aware of the passionate & inflamed rhetorics of his spiritual mentor, even if it became known later, that Rev Wright had a discussion with Obama months before Obama launched his presidential campaign, conversation in which both men discussed the potential need, at a certain stage in his campaign, for Obama to distance himself from the rev Wright, or even the need to repudiate him. Obama is the continuing embarrassment who loves to tell the crowd,"yes we can" surely can, brother. What is also an immense subject of embarrassment, is the mass Pavlovian reactions to Obama's ongoing mea acculpa, because the rubes need to express & demonstrate its refutation of racism, by voting for a self professed Black pretendant to the White House, who has a credibility & integrity interchangeable with Armstrong Williams.

Yet another exposure of extraordinaire Hypocrisy







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