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Monday, March 17, 2008

Professor Theodore Lowi

Dr.Theodore Lowi on American politics. Dr. Lowi is one of the most respected political scientists in the United States. Professor Lowi is a member of the National Academy of Arts and Sciences and has been the John L. Senior Professor of American Institutions at Cornell University since 1972. He has written or edited over a dozen books, among them The Pursuit of Justice, co-authored with Robert F. Kennedy, the highly influential The End of Liberalism. Professor Lowi's argument, advanced in The End of Liberalism, is that during the 1960's this country made an irreversible transition into an entirely new political regime, which he calls "the Second Republic of the United States". His book "The End of the Republican Era," recently published in a new edition, asserts that the Republican party died in the 1990's and morphed into a parochial, religio-moralist, corporatist conservative party, more akin to the British Tories than the American Republican tradition.







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