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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The great lady of meritocracy

What can possibly justify her extraordinary sense of entitlement

The progressive female flavor of the republican party pretends, claims and brags about quite a lot of accomplishments alongside her presidential husband. Listening to her swashbuckling leaves you with an unpleasant feeling down the spine. Was she acting as the real president for 8 years, merely leaving Bill as a poster boy for presidential cross-dressing. While her husband got caught with his penis down the throat a young white house intern, Hillary on her own, since becoming a senator, has always been very comfortable at joining & playing along the dirty games of her republican counterparts. Hillary's entire campaign is based & built on the premise of her alleged extensive "experience" of the inner workings of the white house. Laura Bush also has an extensive understanding of the institutions of the highest level of government, but that cannot eclipses the fact she is an over-medicated fruit cake who can barely find her own ass with both hands. Hillary, i have news for you darling, being the wife of a brain surgeon, doesn't qualify you at holding the scalpel during a sex change operation.

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