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Monday, March 10, 2008

My mouth is bigger than your dick

I received a legitimated remark & complain concerning my silence or total lack of criticism in regard to Japanese politics, in which i was accused of being on one hand extremely critical of US and other nations foreign & domestic policies, and on the other hand acting as a lackey of Japanese national interests & political power-ship. In short accused of being afraid to raise my voice & spill my notorious excremental bile towards my own government. If the reader knew anything about Japanese politics & its establishment, the issue of Japanese genuine foreign policy wouldn't be such concern. There is no Japanese foreign policy, everything is done and planned in accordance with Washington DC. Japanese politicians cannot take a piss without American approval.Regarding my alleged fear of criticism my own government, i am deeply grateful to the reader's concern. i am indeed an absolute Butt Puppet to castrated Japanese plutocrats.







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