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Thursday, March 13, 2008

There is something about Condi

Former ghetto slut & current Bush family's head janitor in chief Condi Rice, was on Capitol Hill for a house appropriation committee hearings (the bitch was requesting for a new budget to allow her department to slaughter even more non-Americans around the world). To emphasize on Condi's ugliness instead of her remarkable moral & intellectual depravity, would be a huge mistake. Condi was fidele to herself, again delivering a blistering crash course on bottom feeding & geopolitical goofiness, she may be a hyper-superficial pseudo intellectual, but she knows everything about disingenuousness & filth. Condi's success secret is her chemistry, her mind is dirtier than a rubber toilet seat, and that's a serious asset in Washington DC, and especially around Bush & Cheney septic tanks.

Infamous toe licking U.S. Representative Dave Weldon was there to rescue Condi from getting emasculated by silent protesters, and courageously took on himself to defy and challenge their very presence inside the room. "I am all for freedom of speech on the street but....". But certainly not inside Capitol Hill, You arrogant Fart-Breathing swine.







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