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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Eschewing the great contrarian

Women limited capacity towards invariably morose, pathetically insignificant and obnoxious chubby old man

"Christopher Hitchens, c'est comme la peste, plus on s'en eloigne, mieux on se porte...."

I have a secret for you Christopher Hitchens, women are funny and they have fun, but not with you. Women don't like you because you do not stimulate them emotionally, and more important you do not appeal to their genitalia. And these are few of the reasons. You take yourself way too much seriously, for someone who is supposed to seek & arbitrate the fun in the opposite sex, that is not the best way to start. Some women are attracted to men who take themselves very seriously, or who have personal attitude borderlining arogance, but they also expect these men to act and look serious in return, and they also expect these men to be considered seriously by people surrounding them. But you have a problem, you look like shit, dress like a bum and act like an overweighed dork who missed puberty entirely. You are a triple handicap on leg. Women also love men with a sense of humor, something you lack entirely, Fact is, you rarely smile, unless when coming under the impression that you have just delivered something so significant or so profoundly smart & important. You are dogmatic & a dismissive elitist prick, too much of an extra for pussies.

You certainly are a kind of Don Juan of punditry, with your lovely accent and melodious voice, an illusion maker, everything that comes out of your mouth may brings an impression of smartness, until someone actually analyses the deeper content of your words, and realizes that much of it is nothing more than pseudo-intellectual garbage. The fact that you have an opinion about everything doesn't make you a scholar or an authority on anything, especially since almost everything you say turns out to be complete bullshit anyway. In fact you are an hyper-emotional dork pumped up on over inflated self estime. The ultimate antisocial adolescent trapped in the body of a saggy and cranky old man. You don't know shit about women Christopher Hitchens. Poor Hitchens, you cannot even resort to homosexuality, Gays are fun, stylish and most important they never take things too seriously, that puts you outside their radar
Someone like yourself, who looks much like a wreck, probably doesn't smell better than he looks, and certainly deep inside, feels real bad about himself, doesn't have a chance with real Gays, but you may appeal to the ilk of the conservative closet faggs.

Women don't like you Hitchens, never did, even your own mother did not, she killed herself......(this one was for Cindy Sheehan, on whom you did not hesitated to defecate, years ago on behalf of the Bush Administration)







The Intellect is Not a Serious Thing, and Never Has Been. It is An Instrument on Which one Plays, That is All

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