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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

War is meat,meat is murder,murder is money

Hail to the sucker who feeds on gullibility

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Cheney is one of those individual who provokes instant affirmative reaction, his undeniable rhetorical gift makes you run for the closest gun and blow the hell out of your monitor, with an immense satisfaction and a feeling of quasi spiritual accomplishment. If you are one of those Machavellian asshole or a complete and absolute cynical son of a bitch like myself, You have to appreciate Dick Cheney's characteristic disgusting attempt at rationalizing anything between the military aggression & the complete destruction of a sovereign nation, the mass slaughter of civilians, and the use of military personal as expendable sanitary napkin, under the cloak of classical Augustinian Just War theory criteria. Obviously Dick Cheney is someone who doesn't give a fuck, and why should he. For someone like him, That all volunteered army thing is a national asset. Hundred of thousands of idiots willing to die to enrich him & his friendly corporative scumbags, that is not moronic patriotism, that's the apex of stupidity. How fortunate indeed, is American ruling class, to have a group of men and women so inclined to commit the ultimate sacrifice for whatever filthy lie & pseudo explanation that have been sold to them. This is probably the best example of how cheap and uneducated Americans really are. The quasi miraculous impulse that directly drives them from barbarism to degeneration with the usual interval of blowing air and sucking ass.

How do you expect me to have respect for these idiots, and for these idiots in uniform to have respect for the life of others, when they don't even have respect for their own, and are so positive about giving limbs and blood on the base of the most amazing gibberish possible. But dear Patriotic idiot in uniform, always remember that when you commit the ultimate sacrifice, it is worth something. you actually make Dick Cheney and his ilk a little bit richer. your siblings may be proud of your stupidity, and are allowed to weep and suffer in silence, food stamps are here to stay. Human life has never been so cheap and American so dumb.

But again, what do you expect from a sucker like Cheney, who by his own standards believes the world to be flat, George Bush to be a great leader, and loves to play confrontational with pussy journalists on TV networks. Although i'm not going to get into a name-calling match with someone who has a 9 percent approval rating and ressembles a blood-soaked malignant tumor with an ability for jabbering few words & a couple of constructed sentences. Shit, I'm turning sarcastic again.







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