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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Color me blind

Obama takes offense when people imply that he is in the position that he is today, because of his color, but he does it on the ground that if he wasn't Black, he wouldn't be the subject of such attack.....Another reason why i despise that hypocritical empty suited house negro. Just like Colin Powel & Condi Rice, his personal achievement is closely related to his ethnic background,and the peculiar way he used it, that's not racism and that is not a secret, even less of a controversy for many Black peoples, who do not fear at calling the ilk of Obama, Powel and Rice, as "white men's Negros". There are so many Black men & women who are much more competent,capable, respectful & conscient of their own identity, but who are willing to be so convenient & accommodating to the white caste.

You cannot say anything about Obama ?, i will !. Barack Obama, like it or not, you are a thin skin, self righteous, deceitful, opportunistic, disingenuous chocolate demagogic scumbag. And you definitively are not a political genius. You don't have the stomach, the consistency & the genuineness. You are as fake as a Black man, as George Bush as a Christian. You appear smart because you are in fact a calculating individual & because of your predisposition to successful adaptation in a changing political & social environment, when in fact you are violating every single principles you are supposed to represent. In short, you are a politician, that's enough to discredit yourself, and that's all i need to despise you from scratch. I don't care about your skin color or your ethnic background. Black is beautiful indeed, but when i look at you, all i can see is contemptuous transparency. I have no need to take an extensive look at your remarkable ignorance in regard to international affairs, geopolitics & understanding of political sciences, but only to your blatant despicable flip flop on the Palestinian issue, to label you as an accomplish self gratificating sell out mother fucker, overwhelmed by his own blinding narcissistic sense of uniqueness. Like all political prostitute, you don't give a damn about the people you are supposed to represent, you have a dream for them and that dream is about you making it big time. You cannot possibly play us, we, the street smart types with an IQ.

The secret of the ilk of Obama, Rice, Clarence Thomas & Powel is their transparency, or lack of color. Their willingness to chameleonize themselves. They live in a white men world, by the white men rules, respectful to the bone of white men precepts. They spent their entire life carrying water for the white men, and the rare occasion in which they seem to claim their Black identity, is when they are facing criticism or are the subject of controversy. Good old OG Simpson is not playing alone.....You are the one playing the race Brotha Obama, you are a pure product of American society, a psycho-sociological debacle.







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