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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Baghdad Bob of Washington goes Iranian

The emperor has new cloth

when one's own credibility becomes such an issue of embarrassment, looking like shit becomes the diversion

Christopher Hitchens Foolish myths about iran or the geopolitical manual for the absolute imbecile

I couldn't resist to comment, after reading on Hitchens Watch, The Grand prophet of the Pax Americana's latest mesmerizing sinister piece of absolute ignorance about Iran. Saint Christopher Hitchens who has the luxury of being the absolute authority on flawed politics, Someone who relishes in accusing of crotch grabbing, those critical of his political objectivity & moral integrity, & his intense sexual desire to mass slaughter Iranians. while exhibiting a peculiar entertaining cynical exuberance in the latest desperate attempt from the Washington pro-war blowhard, to legitimize his farcical Persian rants with the help of the new Nazi super monster machine "du jour" Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Hitchens is just another "element du maillon" when it comes to demonizing Iran. Islamo-Fascists and Queers share something in common, promiscuity. That's what makes them enemies of Americans with family values, and to the neo-conservative agenda, and Hitchens & his ilk, the circle of hate-filled certified failures, asylum of murderous reptilian conspiracy theorists apparently have no intention of putting a stop to their exuberant celebration of death & destruction. Thanks to the new Doctor Strangelove, The road of insanity leads to Teheran.....
I never knew men like Hitchens,who had better motives & justifications for all the atrocities they cause. You may accuse me of being sarcastic and cynically dismissive of Hitchens gibberish journalism, but i always have a very bad feeling when individuals engage themselves in issues they know absolutely nothing about. and reading Hitchens piece was as intellectually challenging as watching a Lindsey Lohan's movie. But god works in mysterious way, and if you are willing of taking him seriously, you have certainly achieved a major victory of leading the forces of goofiness over those of critical & rational thinking. My late Grand Mother would have said,"Never trust a man with short legs (like Hitchens) because his brains are too near the bottom".







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