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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ontological pornography

The American ability to alter physical reality

Why do i despise each & every presidential candidates

1)Because of the relentless flow of lies, distortions, obfuscation of truth, personal, morale & intellectual dishonesty, demonstrations of the most despicable hypocrisy. Their ignorance & refutation of history, and their total and contemptuous revisionist approach of their own actions & responsibilities in the process.

2)Their so called religious faiths which should immediately disqualify them for any public office or leadership position, because of their incestuous belief of the reality of the magical & supernatural realm, the very notion that magical elements & a supernatural entity are responsible for the creation of the universe, our world and life itself.

3)For the fact that they labeled themselves as people of faith, but who do not hesitate at mass slaughtering hundred of thousands of fellow human beings for whatever national security of national interest they may see fit.

4)For perpetuating the positivist exaltation of American altruism and humanism, while they are conducting on daily base a predatory foreign policy which has costed the life of millions of individuals throughout the last 50 years only.

5)Holding others accountable for their very own crimes , and when confronted with the most irrefutable facts & arguments, always have the best reasons for having perpetrated & behaved in the most evil fashion possible

6)Because most Americans are overwhelmed by their own self righteousness and sense of uniqueness.

The American presidential elections is the spectacle of a terrifying reality show, where dysfunctional monsters are confronting each others for the sake of the universe, which only possible relief, is that they may possibly cannibalize themselves, and leave us the fuck alone.







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