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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring time. Of Nazi synchronicity & karma

The disheveled grouchy old gas bag who used to service Mano & Bucco Karl rove and Scott Mc clellan back in the days, is having a safe date. Ann Coulter doesn't fuck dicks unless it is rubber type & pre-attached to a strap-on, de toute facon, she doesn't need one because she has one on her own, which is made of good old flesh & muscle.

the shemale from Auschwitz and the Grand daddy of Conservative faggs


You may ask why i loath America. The only place in the world where a prepubescent idiot like Karl Rove is being labeled as a political genius, and a smelly & leaking colostomy bag leech,like Bob Novak, the Prince of darkness. But i digress, because there is something extremly odd in this rendez vous of kindred hearts & minds. The beauty of coincidence, With his Jewish background, Novak may have had a relative who used to be in a concentration camp, Ann Coulter too, but working in the watchtower.







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