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Monday, March 3, 2008

Exuberant mawkishness

an invitation for turning a Dirty war dog into a voiceless weasel

Surprise surprise, militaristic slut Fred Kaplan, that old man who loves to write about war and the death of others doesn't think the Iraq military operation isn't such good idea anymore. Kaplan is the man who years ago, in the cheap and the easily accessible online rag Slate magazine, used to debate about the number of Iraqi civilians who died as the result of the illegal American military aggression & invasion upon their country.

"This isn't an estimate. It's a dart board....." wrote Kaplan, who finally concluded his article with,: "So, let's call it 15,000 or—allowing for deaths that the press didn't report—20,000 or 25,000, maybe 30,000 Iraqi civilians killed in a pre-emptive war waged (according to the latest rationale) on their behalf. That's a number more solidly rooted in reality than the Hopkins figure—and, given that fact, no less shocking.".

What is "shocking" for those outside the pettiness of American mind, is American indifference towards the death of others, and its impeccable shield of self righteousness, instrumental in the addictive seduction of moral & ethical superiority.

Thus times past under cover of the forms of a state religion which preaches peace, love, and forgiveness, nationalism, patriotism and war and more wars, under an hymn of perpetual shouting of the words blood and war, fire and battle. As long as there is no serious American casualties. Where is the shouting now ?. Where is your enthusiasm today Fred Kaplan, and if wars are such great American ideas, why not sacrificing one of your daughters for the beauty of it.







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