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Monday, March 3, 2008

Left without flushing

In Memoriam

We have learn that Potty mouth & menopausal fruitcake Melanie Morgan just lost her job at KSFO RADIO. This is a sad day for American emotional hysteria, a great loss in the fight against Islamo-Fascism and secular-liberal-humanism. Any female about Morgan's age should be very concern about loosing her job, but ironically as a radio host, Melanie Morgan most precious asset, her big mouth, will eventually help her in her professional transition, and there is no doubt that Morgan will be as successful as performing blows for fellow republicans capitol staffers, or military veterans, as she was in her excremental outburst on national radio. Morgan intellectually stands just as extreme, vile and hostile as some of the Islamist fundamentalists she attacks. a very popular polarising figure who perfectly defends the racist and most bigoted values of the enlightened West, at war with the demonic world of Islam.

Morgan a sad middle aged Basket-Case who missed puberty entirely, and who used to shout and swear like a 6 year old, will probably be missed by a nation who scream & giggle when they see genital parts. But don't worry Melanie, as a radio host and courtier of powerful subversive truth, there is nothing like sucking dicks in exchange for food stamps

best of Melanie







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