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Saturday, March 1, 2008

The notorious hammer of cirrhosis

The world really does look different when you look at through the bottom of a Gin bottle

Hitchens hasn't turned his attention from the suburbs of Baghdad yet, where thanks to his magical beliefs and geopolitical expertises he can still terrorspotting the ghost of once famed Al Qaida superstar Zarqawi. As always he seems overly prone to unbridled hyperbole ,surely useful traits for a provocative clownish magazine contrarian, except that it goes straight to his head. Something which makes Hitchens kind of funny in regard to his own heedless inconsistency, and his exuberant celebration and pseudo-justification for the "liberation of Iraq".
Garçon refill !!, another pseudo-intellectual chug please.....







The Intellect is Not a Serious Thing, and Never Has Been. It is An Instrument on Which one Plays, That is All

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