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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Putting Morpheus to rest

when historians & academics with courage & integrity are acting on behalf of the God Hypnos

An invention called the Jewish people
By Tom Segev

most of us rationals, knew that the bibles stories & religious texts were absolute bullshits among absolute bullshits, that there was no historical proof for the supposed chosen people little trek along the desert, same for the phony story where god is supposed to be acting as a real estate distributor... Ok, that leaves us with the Catholic & Protestant institutions of anti-Judaism which lead to anti-Semitism, the real historical fact of the holocaust and its impact & implications of Middle Eastern geopolitics. I did not killed or persecuted any Jews in my lifetime, nor did my father and grand father. the Palestinians people are not responsible for the holocaust, better put the blame where it belongs, in modern Europe.....Can you stop slaughtering these people now, and give them back their lands and dignity. Palestine doesn't belong to Jews from all over the world.....Stop this fucking insanity







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